Utah House District 56 Merrilee Boyack

— 1. What did you do to help with the Utah 2019 Tax Referendum? —

I gathered signatures on petitions, spread the word through social media, networked, talked to media, talked to legislators.

— 2. What is your position of taxes on food and gasoline? —

Completely opposed to tax on food, limited taxes on gas (enough already!)

— 3. What if any taxes would you implement on services and why? —

Few – it concerns me that it impedes business growth, impedes access to services and is a job killer.  The industries that have political clout and money fare well and avoid taxation completely while those who do not are not as successful.  I don’t like government picking winners and losers due to political influence.

— 4. Many Utahns felt that after the town halls and committee meetings that the legislative tax task force held throughout 2019 that their concerns were not heard and that special interests wielded too much influence. On the other hand, many legislators felt that the people didn’t understand the issue or the solutions that they put forth. If elected, how would you respond to the concerns and issues that your constituents bring to you and how would you educate them on the issues you are dealing with? —

First, a representative must listen (Coven – seek to understand first).  Then I would spend the time to educate constituents on things I may know that they may not.  Small group meetings work very well for this.  And I’d use lots of mediums – Zoom, Facebook, in home, etc.  I use Facebook daily to communicate with thousands of followers so use a lot of social media.  I would do a regular newsletter, weekly live videos during the session, and email outreach.

— 5. Are you willing to vote against bills that legislative leadership wants you to support even when threatened with losing coveted committee positions, having your legislation held hostage, etc? Explain —

ABSOLUTELY.  No need to explain.  We MUST operate on sound principles no matter what the cost. (And I hate gameplay.)

— 6. Are you in favor of the Utah School Income Tax Constitutional Amendment that will be voted on in November? Why or not? —

I favor this amendment as proposed in SJR9 because it’s a first step and would allow the people to weigh in and have their voices heard. It expands the ability of the legislature to use the income tax dollars according to need and priority.  I have seen firsthand when there is a surplus year the efforts to “spend the extra money” and also it swings the other way as well where the legislature just says, “Well education gets all the income tax money so that’s enough.”  This is bad policy.  So expanding the use of income tax is a good first step and should continue to provide more flexibility in meeting the needs for education while also providing for other state expenses that are critical as well.

— 7. Name one reason you are the best candidate for the position you signed for. —

I have a history and reputation as a fax fighter–the incumbent has voted for tax increases for the last five years straight and is still promoting the same tax reform–and I’m known for my strong positions on limited government.

— Email —



My name’s Merrilee Boyack, and I’m running for State Representative for House district 56 which covers parts of Lehi, American Fork, and Highland. I have always been an active voice in defending the rights of families and bettering our community.

I’m a nonprofit executive, estate-planning attorney, and small business owner in Lehi and an author who has written many books about the importance of strong families.  I have over 30 years of experience in political activism.  I’ve served eight years on a city council, run three major coalitions, and work with government leaders all over the world to protect families and children.

Reducing our tax burden is a top priority for me.  I volunteered my time gathering signatures for the referendum to overturn the gas and grocery tax passed by our legislature. The incumbent voted in favor of these taxes as he has on many tax increases. I have been fighting against unnecessary taxes for many years and will continue to do so.

I’m also running to shrink government. When I say I support limited government, I mean it. We don’t have a revenue problem; we have a spending problem. The size of government has become a burden on our families and our businesses. 

For decades my focus has been improving the community through community activism fighting for pro-life issues and pro-family issues. I am passionate about these issues that are very important to our Utah values. 

I am actively involved in the pro-life movement in Utah. I created the Abortion Free Utah Coalition of pro-life groups and pro-life individuals. We’re working to stop elective abortion in the state of Utah. Almost 3,000 babies are killed every year in Utah through elective abortion. I’m working to solve this problem because I believe every baby has the right to live.

I am also actively involved in defending parental rights. I created the Empowered Families Coalition uniting the pro-family groups in Utah.  I’ve been working at the Capitol for many years, protecting our families against harmful legislation that would seek to erode our parental rights and working on education issues that impact our children. Protecting our families is a huge priority for me.

As your Representative, I will bring strong leadership to defend promote conservative values and protect families and businesses.

Again, my name’s Merrilee Boyack.  Please vote for me for State Representative for District 56 so that I can bring fresh, bold leadership to our state legislature. 

Feel free to contact me—I’d love to talk to you! Please go to voteboyack.com for more information.

Merrilee Boyack