Utah House, District 43, Jefferson Bardin

— 1. What did you do to help with the Utah 2019 Tax Referendum? —

signed petition to place referendum on ballot

— 2. What is your position of taxes on food and gasoline? —

I oppose increasing food tax to full amount & I would support eliminating it altogether.  I oppose having a sales tax on gasoline. The existing per-gallon gasoline tax is presently about right, but needs to be reviewed periodically to ensure that it provides revenue to keep up with inflation of transportation costs.

— 3. What if any taxes would you implement on services and why? —

Since sales-tax revenue has dropped in recent years, there is a need to expand the tax base to include some of the services included in SB2001.  I believe it would be appropriate to tax the following: pet boarding and pet daycare, parking & towing, digital services, electronic security monitoring, newspapers, cleaning services , and some entertainment activities.

— 4. Many Utahns felt that after the town halls and committee meetings that the legislative tax task force held throughout 2019 that their concerns were not heard and that special interests wielded too much influence. On the other hand, many legislators felt that the people didn’t understand the issue or the solutions that they put forth. If elected, how would you respond to the concerns and issues that your constituents bring to you and how would you educate them on the issues you are dealing with? —

This is one example of arrogance on the part of legislative leaders and many representatives.  SB2001   was passed in a hurried manner during the holiday season.  It should have waited until the 2000 regular session.  If elected, I will listen to my constituents and take their concerns into account before voting.  I would communicate regularly by email to explain the bills being considered.

— 5. Are you willing to vote against bills that legislative leadership wants you to support even when threatened with losing coveted committee positions, having your legislation held hostage, etc? Explain —

Yes.  As a “third-party” candidate, I am not beholden to the leadership (or base) of either major party.  I will think independently.  I understand how the system works and want to be effectual, but I will not sacrifice principle.

— 6. Are you in favor of the Utah School Income Tax Constitutional Amendment that will be voted on in November? Why or not? —

No.  I believe Utah should continue to earmark income tax for education.

— 7. Name one reason you are the best candidate for the position you signed for. —

As a candidate of the United Utah Party, I would bring a fresh look to the issues facing Utah and would not be beholden to the bases or interest groups that dominate both the Republican and Democratic parties. I would be a voice of reason and of moderation.  I have been involved in community service for many years, although this is my first attempt at partisan elective office.

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