Utah State House, District 3: Mike Petersen

  1. What did you do to help with the Utah 2019 Tax Referendum? I spent 30 hours sitting at Macey’s collecting signatures for the referendum.

  2. What is your position of taxes on food and gasoline? I believe (as stated in our Cache GOP Party Platform) “the combined burden and complexity of federal state and local taxes are too severe.” We need fewer taxes and lower tax rates. One reason I fought against SB 2001 is because it included a gas tax hike which Utah voters overwhelmingly voted down in November of 2018.

3. What if any taxes would you implement on services and why? A primary reason I opposed SB 2001 is because it included a tax on services. While I do not want to tax any services, I find it especially troublesome when legislators choose which services will be taxed and which will not be. The state should not be in the business of choosing winners and losers.

  4. Many Utahns felt that after the town halls and committee meetings that the legislative tax task force held throughout 2019 that their concerns were not heard and that special interests wielded too much influence. On the other hand, many legislators felt that the people didn’t understand the issue or the solutions that they put forth. If elected, how would you respond to the concerns and issues that your constituents bring to you and how would you educate them on the issues you are dealing with? Town halls and other means of gathering public ideas are extremely important to our representative form of government. The problem that occured with the SB 2001 bill was that our legislators didn’t listen to what the people said. The legislators expressed their belief that they knew more about taxation than the citizenry, and they simply refused to listen. I do not believe that the 75 members of the legislature are necessarily the smartest and most visionary residents of Utah. They do not have a monopoly on good ideas.

  5. Are you willing to vote against bills that legislative leadership wants you to support even when threatened with losing coveted committee positions, having your legislation held hostage, etc? Explain I actually dream about the day I will stand on the house floor, holding copies of the U.S. Constitution and the Republican Party Platform and shouting “Let’s follow the principles included in these documents. We Utahns believe they are divinely inspired. Let’s govern like we believe it!” I am not going to the capital to become a career politician. I am not looking for power. I am going there to do the will of the people and follow the party platform the Constitution. I look forward to causing problems for leadership.  

 6. Are you in favor of the Utah School Income Tax Constitutional Amendment that will be voted on in November? Why or not. I do not see any reason to amend our State Constitution.

   7. Name one reason you are the best candidate for the position you signed for. Governing decisions must be based on sound and true principles if they are to be truly efficacious. I believe in the U.S. Constitution and the GOP Party Platform. They include the principles necessary to govern the state through good times as well as the bad times. I believe the citizens of Utah want their elected officials to follow the Constitution and Platform. Legislators who are not founded in these documents are easily influenced by other forces. I commit to following the U.S. Constitution and the GOP Party Platform and ensuring that Utah is a safe, prosperous and happy place to live.

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Mike Petersen

My name is Mike Petersen and I’m running as a conservative Republican, who will be a constituent-driven State Legislator on Utah’s Capitol Hill. My wife Sallie and I moved to Cache Valley 30 years ago so I could attend graduate school at Utah State University. We’ve been blessed with 4 children and 9 grandchildren. I am a small-business owner and Sallie is a speech pathologist for the Cache County School District. Cache Valley is where we call home.

While spending countless hours gathering signatures for the widely-publicized tax referendum I spoke with dozens of families just like yours. I heard discouragement, and even anger about the tax reform bill that was passed in a special session last December. Voters across the valley let me know they just don’t feel listened to – they feel talked down to. They believe our legislators are more worried about answering to special interests than to their own constituents.

One family told me that the increased food tax was going to put their daycare out of business because feeding a dozen or more kids each day was going to break the bank. A close friend of mine who runs a tow truck business told me that he already pays thousands of dollars in property taxes each year, and that the new tax on services was more than he could bear. Family after family told me about their struggle to pay for gas, and that raising the price would make it even harder to get to work and school.

I didn’t intend to run for office until our state representative voted for the 200 page tax reform bill in that special session last December. After the referendum I began researching, and discovered several organizations rank legislators based on their votes. I was disappointed by what I found.

Our current representative ranks among the lowest of all Republicans, sometimes even lower than liberal Democrats.

The Utah Taxpayer Association scores lawmakers based on key tax-related bills. They ranked Representative Potter 9th lowest of all 75 House Representatives. 

Libertas Institute scores lawmakers based on “individual liberty, private property, and free enterprise.” They ranked Representative Potter 11th lowest of all 75 House Representatives. 

Grassroots Utah scores lawmakers based on “the principles of limited and representative government, the constitution, free market economy, family, and separation of powers.” They ranked Representative Potter 20th lowest of all 75 House Representatives. 

Americans for Prosperity scores lawmakers on their “votes on economic issues.” They ranked Representative Potter 23rd lowest of all 75 House Representatives. 

The American Conservative Union scores lawmakers on conservative issues. They ranked Representative Potter 25th lowest of all 75 House Representatives. 

Alliance for a Better Utah scores lawmakers on “progressive policies that make Utah an even better place.” They ranked Representative Potter 28th lowest of all 75 House Representatives.

Cache Valley needs a principled Republican who will vote according to the US Constitution and the GOP Party Platform of limited Government, reduced and simplified taxes, and vigorous preservation of property rights. I will vote to reduce tax rates. I will vote to reduce the size of government. I will vote to protect your property rights. I commit to listen, and to represent your values in the Utah State Legislature. 

My name is Mike Petersen and I’m running to be the State Representative for Utah’s 3rd District. I will be a constituent-driven State Legislator. I ask you to join me in taking conservative, constituent-driven representation to Utah’s Capitol Hill.

Learn more at www.voteformikepetersen.com